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Who is this workshop for?

  • Those responsible for creating, delivering, assessing, planning, managing or measuring strategy, e.g. senior leadership, strategists, functional managers, team leaders, analysts, planners…

  • Those with responsibility for the governance of strategy, e.g. directors, trustees, governors…

  • Those teaching or learning about strategy, e.g. lecturers, trainers, students, aspiring strategists and managers…

  • Those who need to work with or work alongside strategy, e.g. suppliers, consultants, employees, agencies…

Learning in the flow of work...

Our Strategy Master Workshops are designed around your own needs and commitments, and can be delivered in four ways. For more details, and to book workshops facilitated by Mike Baxter, go to Alternatively, email or call +44 (0)7976 609 625

  • Self-paced, online

  • Self-paced, online plus 1-to-1 coaching calls with Goal Atlas Director, Mike Baxter (author of The Strategy Manual)

  • Scheduled, group workshops facilitated by Mike Baxter

  • Bespoke worshops, facilitated by Mike Baxter and fully customised for your own organisation, featuring your own organisational strategies


  • How are the workshops delivered?

    All our workshops are delivered using a mixture of video and slide presentations and pdf downloads. Each workshop is divided into a number of sessions based on a 'frame it, see it, do it' approach. We describe the aim of the workshop session, introduce the tools and processes you will use, and define the output you can expect. You will be guided through a worked example, and then provided with downloadable templates & guidance for you to use yourself.

  • How long are the workshops?

    Each workshop is made up of a number of 5- to 20-minute presentations, followed by an opportunity to apply your learning using the templates provided. Online self-paced courses allow you to work at your own speed, while our facilitated group workshops run over 3 to 5 hours.

  • Can my whole team take part?

    We offer online group workshops, facilitated by Mike Baxter, as well as our individual self-paced and 1-to-1 workshops. Our curriculum can also be adapted to suit the needs of your organisation in order to provide bespoke in-house strategy workshops for your entire team. To discuss your requirements, email or call +44 (0)7976 609 625

In-house Strategy Workshops

This strategy workshop can be delivered to your in-house team as a stand-alone session, or as part of a series of workshops to meet your needs. Contact Goal Atlas for more details.